Temporary Pond & Filtration Hire


Short-term & Long-term Pond & Filteration Hire.

(Various sizes available)

We understand that there is so much conflicting advice and if you have books on how to look after a pond, water feature or aquarium, they all conflict.
This was the reason our founder Ian Hunter started working in the aquatic industry.

We have various sizes of portable ponds for hire in stock, but not always available as they are always in high demand, for that diy person that wants to clean his own pond out and needs somewhere for a short time to put all the fish, or possibly has a desice issue with fish and needs a quarantine pond to isollate the intected ones so as they can be treated. We also offer portable filtration systems for when you require a portable pond to treat fish or keep them for any period of time. This saves you having to buy one outright and then find somewhere to store it, which is not always possible. We have solutions for all requirements. Contact us now to see how we can help you solve that problem...