Aquatic Weed Removal Specialists


Nationwide Aquatic Weed/Plant/Sludge & Silt Removal Specialists.

We offer a complete services/package for all types of aquatic services natinoinwide. In removal, control and ongoing maintenance for all types of aquatic plants backed up with over 40yrs experience and knowledge. With being one of the largest companies in the UK, we are the Specialists to get the Job Done! We work for all types of customers with aquatic weed management from a garden pond through to large lakes, and waterways for both domestic and commercial clients. Nationwide services for all types of Ponds, Lakes (Fishing & Wildlife), Canals, Rivers, Reservoirs, Lagoons, Wetlands, Quarries, and all other types of water courses. Bringing  spances of water back to life.

2t-20t Excavators, Long Reach Excavators, Draglines, Plant Management & Control, Pond Rakes, Weed Boats, Weed Harvesters, Floating Booms, Surface Skimmers, Shallow Water Weed Removal, Containment. Pontoons, Dredging, Land Sieves, Silt/sludge Removal, Land Based Mowers, Strimming, Sludge containment.

If you have a problem !. then let Pondtec solve for you..... With over 40yrs knowledge, experience, and manpower to get the job done large or small.

Terms & conditions for aquatic weed removal work
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